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Through our work, the CommuniVax Coalition produces tools to help local community members, public health practitioners, and government officials implement an effective and equitable COVID-19 vaccination campaign.
CommuniVax Community Health Access Toolkit (CHAT)

CommuniVax CHAT is a step-by-step guide for designing and facilitating a collaborative workshop to convene local community members and leaders to discuss and plan how to build/sustain more equitable and accessible health systems. 


Developed in partnership with the human-centered design firm Bridgeable, CommuniVax CHAT features four modules for workshop leaders: setting workshop goals, leveraging templates to help design the workshop, leveraging guides to help facilitate the workshop, and leveraging resources to help share workshop outputs.


The tool was tested in Prince George's County, MD in partnership with the local CommuniVax team in that area.

CommuniVax Implementation Toolkit

Comprised of 4 elements, the toolkit outlines what actions communities can take to set equity efforts in motion, how communities can develop equitable strategies over the long term, where they can seek financial support, and which community partners need to be involved in this process. These actions are interdependent. Creating lasting change is not possible without proper funding and equal partners to support these efforts. This toolkit is meant to help local residents and community groups work in partnership with their elected and appointed representatives to utilize the COVID-19 vaccination campaign to enable an equity-in-recovery movement.

Download the Implementation Toolkit

Action Checklist for Ensuring Equity In and Through COVID-19 Vaccination

In February 2021, the CommuniVax Working Group on Equity in COVID-19 Vaccination and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security published Equity in Vaccination: A Plan to Work with Communities of Color Toward COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond. The action-oriented plan incorporated feedback from content-area experts, members of local communities, and stakeholders in the COVID-19 vaccination process. The authors of the report drafted an action checklist that condensed the larger findings into sample actions that local jurisdictions could use to deliver systemic benefits of COVID-19 vaccination to communities of color. The checklist offers samples of short- and long-term actions that are attainable goals for groups working to create a more equitable and effective COVID-19 vaccination and public health delivery system.

Download Action Checklist

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